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When most people think of what it takes to get into shape, most think first of running exercises as the go-to method of exercise. This is true for many people; running can be a rewarding and invigorating activity for able bodied men and women. However, there are those who have bodies that simply cannot withstand the stress and pressures that are exerted on the body throughout a long distance run, or jog. The stress that is put on the knee joints alone can cause many otherwise healthy runners to give up their routine due to the pain.

There is a great deal of alternatives to running for those who are looking for a more low-impact method of exercise. The choice taken is an individual decision, obviously, but there are advantages and disadvantages to different work out routines and styles. Yoga, for instance, is an excellent form of exercise for those seeking a low-impact work out routine that will keep muscles toned and joints well lubricated. The increase in flexibility in the ligaments and tendons within the body is also a great advantage of the yoga system. Many who have been inducted into initiate yoga programs often make the complaint that yoga can be difficult to get into at first, as there are many underlying principles that are taught in yoga that many may first believe have nothing to do with maintaining health.

Swimming is an excellent alternative to running, as little to no water exercises are tough on the joints and bones. If swimming is not your strong suit, water aerobics are offered at many pool clubs. This is a great opportunity for those who are too old to safely do aerobics to continue to do so. Many high schools with swimming pools offer programs such as daily water aerobics, including an instructor. Brisk walking is a great method of staying in shape, and is not nearly as difficult on the body's joints and limbs as running can be.

Cycling is yet another incredibly popular alternative to running. Although the price point for a new bicycle is much higher than a new pair of running shoes, the benefits of cycling can outweigh the price. Not only is cycling incredibly low impact, allowing for even those with prior injuries to successfully cycle, but biking is an excellent means of transportation. Cycling does not take up nearly as much time as an equivalent running session, and will take up even less time if a bicycle is used to get around from place to place. No gas is required to use a bicycle, which is yet another plus to using one instead of a car.

Some do not experience any problems with their running routine throughout their life, despite growing into old age. However, some do thanks to injuries and other unavoidable health issues. Instead of breaking off the habit of exercise, finding a physical activity that is not nearly as demanding is a much better avenue of approach for someone looking to rid themselves of the sore joints and body aches that they experience the day after a two mile jog. Youthful, healthy bodies sure can take a beating, but unfortunately as we grow to an elderly age our joints begin to weaken, and simply cannot support the weight of a human body while running without some degree of pain.

If your body is beginning to constantly ache and you have made it a habit of running more than twice a week, take a break from the running routine and see if the problem persists. If the problem goes away, perhaps it is time to incorporate a different exercise routine into your life. Running has its fair share of risks, including lower back problems, joint problems, and shin splints.
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