Health is Wealth

From the time we started understanding what our parents used to teach us, we know that they have been telling about our health. Health is wealth and this is what our parents and our teachers taught us when we were kids. If you eat healthy, you will be healthy. A healthy body will have a healthy mind too. If your health is fine, you are ready to take on with anything that comes across your way.

This is what we have always known our elders tell us, almost all the time. Every child fall sick and that is probably the best time for the elders when they can suggest, advise and command these children to eat and drink healthy. Our epic books that talk about mythology and history also say that healthy eating keeps you going on and on for a longer time. Doctors always say that everyone should eat healthy and drink healthy and avoid unhealthy and harmful intakes.

We all seem to know the benefits of being healthy and having a good physic. However, we should know the difference between the two too. A good physic with lots of curves and muscles does not always say that your body is healthy. There are lots of myths that we find around us regularly and we often fall prey to these myths. In a world when we do not have time for ourselves and the machine does almost all the work that man used to do a few decades ago, awareness about health and your body is very important to you. This blog will be an attempt to take you away from the myths that prevail related to health and health issues and put some light on the truths. This blog will be an attempt to unveil the various routes and paths to achieve a healthy and fit body, mind and soul.

You all are welcome here and I am sure you will be happy reading me, as I will be happy while blogging here and bringing out the facts and figures to prove that health indeed, is wealth.
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