How I Lost Belly Fat In 7 Days: No Strict Diet No Workout!

No knowledge, no exercise, how I lost belly fat in one week, do you have that one item of clothing hanging in the back of your closet that's perhaps a little on the small side but you swear up and down one of these days.

We're going to lose the weight and rock that skin tight dress yep me to the biggest thing holding me back from putting on that dress is my belly literally so I decided to do something about it.

I got rid of the pooch in just a week without any extreme died in 4 hours at the gym.

 I'm telling you what the Rock is it is storming on in the first place when I say I decided to get rid of my gut perhaps I didn't use the right term.

I was basically thrown into panic mode weight of my dreams asked me out one day and I had just one week to send out my waistline but it's not like I was the only reason I wanted to do it.

I've been feeling kind of puppy in Spanish around that time and I wasn't making it one bit.

I wanted to not only look drop-dead gorgeous in that body-hugging number but also feel better first and foremost I started by doing some research.

I was surprised to find out that that isn't always a culprit when it comes to extra inches around my midsection if you just recently noticed that you're not getting as you're close the way you did not so long ago it's more likely a result of bloating and water weight that's what I like what I was going through so enjoy the list of goals and I wanted to achieve get rid of bloating reduce water retention.

Reconsider my diet and lifestyle run what I did to reduce bloating so according is definitely not that it's are orgastic rest in your gut and causes the stomach to feel tight full and swollen what they'd established that I was in Britain here's what I did to reduce it.

I tried this thing called acupressure since I read that it really helps with bloating.

I use the following two methods:

The first pressure point can be felt about four fingers above your belly button spot for 3 minutes using both clockwise and counterclockwise movement it really does relieve stomach cramps and prevent gas formation.

The other point is 4 fingers below your belly button again. I massage the spot for 3 minutes living in clockwise and counterclockwise circles.

This is supposed to stimulate your intestines and get rid of heaviness in the stomach.

Yeah say it works consuming raw ginger is another bloat reducing trigger read about you can drink it as a tea or eating fresh to prepare ginger tea.

I peeled and diced about 3 oz of ginger root and put it in a teapot I won at a three cups of water let it come to a boil and waited for it to cool down.

I squeeze in some lemon juice stored in half a teaspoon of honey it what's it what's drink wasn't checking spell for getting rid of bloating it tasted really good to you can also just eat a teaspoon of grated Ginger before meals that's what I did but it was a little too spicy for my liking.

I only realized later that I can sprinkle ground ginger over my dishes oops oh well maybe I'll try that method in the future legally along with the acupressure in ginger recipes.

I started adding turmeric powder to my water smoothie and tried to drink more peppermint tea as well they're both really effective had a radiating nasty bloating how I got rid of water weight during your bloated stomach under control with just half the battle I also needed to flush out the excess fluid that was building up inside my body at least that's what the experts recommend according to my research.

Here is exactly what I did to get rid of this so-called fluid retention I cut a tree down on my salt intake I read that too much sodium which is the stuff that didn't sell causes the body to retain more water this would explain that puppy feeling I've been having before the experiment begin I included more potassium rich foods in my diet potassium helps get rid of water weight by reducing sodium levels in the body it also makes you pee more so that excess fluid makes its way out of your body but I reasoned Tomatoes bananas spinach avocados and coconut water became my best friend.

I also tried making dinner A&T a couple of times earlier than natural diuretic which means like potassium it increases urine production in the body if it really does what if you decide to give it a go just be ready for lots of inconvenient trips to the bathroom.
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