The Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is probably my favourite solitary type of exercise. It’s a form of cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercise, meaning you’re heart is getting a solid workout too, aiding the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. Aerobic exercise requires oxygen and usually turns on after a few minutes of exercise, (before this time, you are performing Your text goes here‘anaerobic exercise’, not requiring oxygen). So, for example, weightlifting would be a form of anaerobic exercise.

A lot of us have bikes but never use them. This article from the BBC states that even though most of us own bikes - there are an estimated 27 million across the UK - we just don't use them, and about 70 per cent of all car trips are less than five miles which is the ideal distance for a bike ride (this is about 8km, which may take you about 40-50mins).
Get on'ya bike and go for a ride!

Now, if I haven’t gotten you on'ya bike just yet, look at these wonderful benefits of cycling:

  • Cycling exercises the heart better than walking without the pounding of jogging -not to mention the related knee and ankle problems which will hit you when you’re older. It is a low weight-bearing sport.
  • One can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and at low cost - my shiny silver bike is very good quality and very reliable and cost just $300. Your average yearly service is only around $60.
  • Cycling is a low skill form of exercise. As they say, ‘It’s easy, it’s like riding a bike’.

So next time you go down to the shop why don’t you take your bike? If you’ll be leaving it out of sight though, make sure you secure it with a bike chain. But try to buy your bike accessories from somewhere like K-Mart rather than going to a bike store which is usually a rip-off.

After your ride your heart will be pumping fast, it’ll feel like your legs will be ready for anything and you’ll just feel so much better, trust me!

Happy cycling!
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